Gym Description

Tiger Gym is designed to be a community gym where everyone is welcome. All members have 24 hour unlimited access and it is conveniently located at 7594 Hwy 73E Mt. Pleasant, NC near the Dominos and Family Dollar. From the power lifter, bodybuilder, or beginner everyone is welcome to train here. The rate for regular members is $29.99 per month. It is also a facility where student athletes from all sports, as well as students not participating in organized sports who just want to improve their overall fitness, can supplement their strength and conditioning training, without any limitations or concerns about hours of availability. In addition, the rate for all students and seniors is only $19.99 per month. For any member just starting training with weights an introduction to the equipment and its use and a basic training plan is included at no additional charge. Many who have never performed any type of weight training can be intimidated by a large commercial facility and not feel comfortable in such an environment. At Tiger Gym we strive to create an environment where everyone is comfortable with not only the equipment and facility but also with the other members. If a member desires ongoing personal training that can also be provided for a fee. The facility has two Strencor half racks with bumper plates and platforms where squats, power cleans, and dead lifts can be performed, two Olympic benches, squat rack, Smith machine, a full dumbbell rack with 5 to 100lbs, a variety of brand new commercial grade Strencor strength training machines, and two state of the art LifeFitness treadmills and an Elliptical.

Special Pricing for First Responders and Nurses: $19.99/month

Veteran/Military and Teacher Rate of $19.99/month

Family Rate of $69.99/month (Up to 4 family members included)

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